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What is a natural process coffee?

Natural, sun dried or dry process means the coffee cherries are allowed to dry with the fruit skin intact, often imparting a stronger ripe fruit flavor. This process conserves water in coffee producing communities that have little access to water.

What is a washed process coffee?

Washed process means all organic matter is stripped and washed off the coffee cherries before drying, often resulting in a cleaner profile in the cup. Most coffees undergo the washed process because it's a more reliable method of processing.

What is a honey process coffee?

Honey process means the outside fruit skin is stripped off of the coffee, and then allowed to dry without being washed. The inner fruit skin is left on often resulting in a creamier body in the cup.

How does altitude affect coffee?

Specialty grade coffee is grown at higher altitudes, producing a denser bean with more flavor than low-grown coffee.

Roast Level

Lighter and medium roast coffees show off more of the intrinsic flavors in more complex coffees, full medium and darker roasted coffees feature a more roasty, earthy flavor.

Which coffee is best for espresso?

Supernova is our go-to recommendation for great espresso, featuring a darker roast and can be dialed in easily for espresso at home or in a shop. Our single origin options also make delicious espresso for the more adventurous.

Which coffee is best for drip/filter?

Any of our coffees make a great drip coffee for your home or shop. The Solo Sàbado is our recommendation for a real crowd-pleaser boasting a sweet and balanced cup that tastes like "coffee" coffee.

Which coffee makes the best cold brew?

For a chocolatey, velvety smooth cold brew (our favorite), go with the Solo Sabado or Supernova. For a fruitier cold brew, try out our Supernatural.

Superlost or Super Lost ?

One word ya'll! It's Superlost or Superlost Coffee. Super Lost two words is you being very very lost and I hope you find your way.