Our Story

Our Story

Superlost is the vision of co-founders David Roa & Craig Deahl in 2017

It starts with TRACEABILITY.

The reason wine producers are synonymous with wealth, and coffee farmers with poverty, is due to transparency or lack thereof. Our goal as a company is to get more people to care about where the coffee they're drinking came from. We accomplish this by providing that information, which can be confusing to anyone not familiar with it, via cool artwork and approachable data.

Here's the secret to finding good coffee: the more information you know about the coffee, the higher the quality. That's it. That's the whole formula. Think about how often you'll just drink some coffee and have ZERO idea about where in the world that came from. Oh it's a blend? A blend of what? The reason that information is not normally provided is simple. The less you know about the origin, the less they have to pay the people who produce it.

We call our coffee Beyond Fair because as a company we are committed to always pay above fair trade minimum prices to coffee producers. We don't think they pay high enough so we do. Speaking of paying human beings a liveable wage: we pay all Superlost Partner Artists above market rates because exposure doesn’t pay artists, money does. Each Partner Artist drinks the coffee they're representing, and then they illustrate whatever it inspires in them.

So now it's your turn. Have a cup of Superlost, and see what it inspires in you!



David Roa

CEO / Head of Operations & Creative

Grew up in Bogota, Colombia and moved to the USA when I was 12. Earned a Bachelor's Degree in Finance at the University of Florida (Go Gators!). From there my career has taken me from Google, to being an IPO analyst for the New York Stock Exchange, to Director of BD in ad tech. My passion has always been art / design so working with all our incredible partner artists and creators has been the highlight of my career. 

Craig Deahl

Co-Founder, CPO / Head of Production, Roasting and Green Buying

Currently living in Brooklyn, I earned a degree in Advertising from Sacred Heart University. After college, I went on to become an Art Director for Ralph Lauren e-commerce, later transitioning to head of attribution in ad tech, and finally ended up co-founding the company of my dreams with a great friend. Now I get to satisfy my lifelong curiosity with all things flavor. It truly is an honor to bring you beautiful coffees from around the world. To all our drinkers and coffee heads, cheers!

We hope you love our coffee, it's full of passion and love which we believe makes the best cup around. Cheers!