How to read a superlost label

  • Producer(s)

    This is the person or group of people who actually grew your coffee.

  • Origin

    The country or region the coffee was grown in.

  • Altitude

    Altitude is synonymous with quality, the higher up the better.

  • Process

    Once coffee is picked off the plant, it undergoes a variety of processes to get to ready to be roasted. These can include processes such as “Washed” or “Natural” which you can learn more about here.

  • Tasting Notes

    When the coffee is first roasted our roaster will cup the coffee and find different flavor profiles found within the coffee as the cup cools. Once production roasting begins, he does his best to exemplify those flavors to come forward.

  • Varietal

    Coffee is a fruit! Just like there are hundreds of varieties of apples and grapes, coffee also has thousands of individual varieties, all with their own unique tastes.

  • Roast

    This is the level at which the coffee is roasted. Please note that dark does not mean "strong". A light roasted coffee can contain much more caffeine than a dark roast. Better to pick a coffee that sounds appetizing to you instead of picking based off the roast.