Superlost Coffee Unveils XP: The Squeeze-to-Measure Cold Brew Super Concentrate with 100 mg of Caffeine In Every Shot


XP Offers A Quality Single Origin Super Concentrated Coffee That Reliably Delivers A Perfect 1 OZ Shot With Consistent Caffeine

NEW YORK, September 17, 2023  -- Superlost Coffee, a New York-based company renowned for its innovative and high-quality coffee, today announced the launch of XP, the Cold Brew Super Concentrate that promises precision, convenience, and dependability like never before. With its squeeze-to-measure bottle design, XP ensures that every pour is a perfect 1 oz shot, delivering a robust 100 mg of caffeine, offering a precise, potent, and versatile way to enjoy coffee. Whether kickstarting the day, recharging during a lull, or fueling the night, XP delivers as the ultimate caffeine companion.

XP is setting a new standard in the cold brew experience. In a market saturated with concentrates that often leave consumers in the dark about the exact caffeine content of their products, leading to overconsumption or feeling shortchanged by diluted offerings. XP stands out with its user-centric design and unwavering caffeine consistency. This initiative not only empowers consumers to monitor and control their caffeine intake, but also guarantees that they get the full value of every drop they purchase.

XP Super Concentrate Bottle

XP: A Revolution in Cold Brew Concentrates

XP emerged from the popularity of the espresso martini. While the drink was highly sought after, its preparation often entailed labor-intensive methods or sacrificed the freshness of the espresso, leading to off-flavors. The goal was to craft a concentrated coffee that was as robust and flavorful as espresso, without the need for specialized tools, and that maintained a consistent caffeine content. After thorough research and development, Superlost Coffee created XP, a lab tested Super Concentrate that guarantees a precise 100 mg of caffeine in every 1 oz shot.

User-Friendly Design

Unlike other cold brew concentrates that require meticulous measuring and confusing formulas, XP stands out with its user-friendly design. Each shot is precisely measured, ensuring consumers know exactly how much caffeine they're consuming. This eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty often associated with other concentrates.

Squeeze-to-Measure bottle

Endless Versatility

XP's versatility caters to a myriad of preferences and uses. You can make an iced latte in the morning, add it to a shake before a workout, and take a shot of it as you pregame your night out.

It can be used to create a variety of delicious and refreshing beverages, including but not limited to:

  • Drink it as a shot
  • Pre- and post-workout drinks
  • Cocktails
  • Smoothies
  • Remix into endless coffee drinks

Starter Recipes Here

    No More Guessing Games

    Each shot promises a robust 100 mg of caffeine, striking the perfect balance between an espresso and a 16 oz cold brew.

    "XP has been a game changer for our cafes. Customers are raving about the taste and the transparency around its caffeine content. Our staff loves how easy these bottles are to use. Superlost is setting a high standard for the future of coffee." added Logan, the co-founder of Boris & Horton.

    Exclusive Launch Offerings

    XP is now available exclusively at select locations in New York City.

    All Boris & Horton cafe branches are introducing it in two new signature beverages: the Spicy Mint Fudge Cold Brew Bomb and the Caramel Vanilla Cold Brew Bomb. Cocktail enthusiasts can indulge in XP-infused drinks at two popular cocktail bars,  The Nines in Manhattan, and Deux Chats in Brooklyn. Additionally, those eager to purchase a bottle can find XP exclusively at Upstate Stock in Williamsburg very soon! Businesses interested in offering XP can join the wholesale waitlist for early access starting October 1. Shipping nationwide starting Black Friday. 

    Dive into the future of caffeine with XP, the Cold Brew Super Concentrate that redefines the boundaries of cold brew coffee.

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    About Superlost Coffee

    Founded in 2017, Superlost Coffee is a New York-based company renowned for its high-quality coffee products, award winning designs, unmatched transparency, and offering compensation that exceeds industry standards. The company has also established its presence in major retail outlets, with its coffee beans being sold in Whole Foods Markets across the northeast. The goal as a company has always been to get more people to care about what they are drinking and where it came from. With the introduction of XP, Superlost Coffee continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in the cold brew domain. Learn more about Superlost Coffee at or follow on Instagram (@superlostcoffee).